Why does the video quality keep changing or why is the video buffering?

Our video player is adaptive and adjusts to your network connection to prevent buffering. If you're a Premium member, HD is automatically enabled but won't play if your network connection isn't strong enough to support a smooth playback experience.

If you're experiencing lower video quality, you may need to improve your connection speed. Otherwise, please try the following:

  • Run a speed test at speedtest.net. If you're not receiving what you pay for, you should contact your Internet provider.
  • Reset your wireless router. Restarting your modem will frequently help with temporary connection issues.
  • Close any programs that you don't need open.
  • Check the other devices on your network. If there are other people using your network at the same time for data-heavy things like watching video or downloading media, you will experience a slower connection.
  • Relocate closer to your wireless router. The further away you get, the weaker the signal you'll receive.
  • Try connecting via a hard-wired connection instead of WiFi to rule out issues with your router.
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