How do I fix ad loading issues?

If you're running AdBlock or AdBlock Plus, you'll see a short video letting you know that we were unable to load a message from our sponsor. DramaFever relies on the support of our advertisers. Please disable AdBlocker to watch your show and allow ads to run on DramaFever. 

To allow ads to run on DramaFever, please follow these steps:

AdBlock Plus

Just visit, click the ABP icon and uncheck the box next to "Enabled for this site"

AdBlock, Chrome

Visit, click the AdBlock icon and select "Don't run on pages on this domain"


Then click "Exclude"


You'll then see a green thumbs up icon on any DramaFever page.

AdBlock Plus, Firefox

Visit, click the ABP icon and select "Disable on"


The ADP icon will be grey on any DramaFever page that you visit.

If you would prefer to watch without ads, click here to sign up for premium. 

If you're not running AdBlock, you may have another program on your system that is blocking ads on our site. Please try disabling any plug-ins in your browser. If you continue to have difficulty please contact us.

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